Lyft is offering a $350.00 Driver's Bonus. Uber is offering Driver's a $200.00 Bonus

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We promote alternative passive income and self-employment ventures to empower people to use their vehicles for income and Fun

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Sign up today and within days you can be self employed and provide a ride-sharing taxi service in your community using your own vehicle. Spare time, part-time, full-time work for yourself as an independent contractor. Use it as a great supplimental income source and provide a valuable service and asset to your community simultaneously Benefits both Driver's and Passengers as these apps pay you for referal simply place your codes on social network site's and you'll receive credit or compensation each time someone signs up and uses the ride-sharing service your Nationwide taxi services portal this website is steadily evolving to address all taxi passengers worldwide. 

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Using your vehicle as an income source can help pay your car note, insurance, maintenance and repair costs in addition to creating self-employment and tax write off of all business related expenses such as cellphone, rent or mortgage payment if using home or apartment as an office. Fuel costs need a job? Create one today working for yourself. uber lyft ride-sharing jobs we strive to improve transparency with cellphone App technology therefore we have contacted several App technology companies to offer direct customer service representative access phone numbers.we will update our website information as new information and access is available.

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Both passengers and driver's are screened background check processing.insurance/registration/licensure verification. All parties can rate each passenger or driver.all Trip's are prepaid on the app.Drivers can elect instant pay @ anytime. You can earn money for both driving and from referral of Uber and Lyft in addition to tips.

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For Lyft or Uber Taxi service click New passengers at the bottom of the page

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Simply click on the pink link Uber New passengers. Or Lyft New passengers highlighted in pink at the bottom of our website page. Fill in your information for a promotional free ride with either service you'll then be instructed to download the app selected to schedule your present and future ride-sharing requests. Sign up for both Uber and Lyft below or sign up for Curb an actual taxi service with Taxi Driver's accepting cash, credit and debit cards.   Note/update: Lyft now places a $25.00 Temporary Authorization hold on Customers Bank account, in addition to the Fares,per Ride. Seniors with outdated flip cellphones and government cellphones can still use this taxi service simply click on call for Uber and Lyft taxi at the bottom of our website page in pink and a live operator will schedule your Taxi Services personally and keep your loved ones informed via text. The site is called gogo grandparent

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Please click on the tabs saying apply for Uber or Lyft at the bottom of the page and follow the instructions need a job? Create one today working for yourself. uber lyft ride-sharing jobs. Why? These companies pay you for referal sign up today get your own referral code and post it on Facebook and watch the money pour in to your bank account several times day and night.theres millions to be made join us.

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Let's use what we have to better ourselves instead of a vehicle and cellphone being a liability and expense turn it in to a profitable asset. A tax deduction and income creating revenue on your availability and time frame. Use cellphone apps to increase your income potential this benefits both passenger , Driver's and Food Delivery users. Use your referral codes and be compensated or credited. Escaping financial poverty is something every nationality strives for and enhance the quality of our lives for ourselves and our families. Use this platform to promote your other services and skills, promote your self,distribute your business card to your passengers: hairstylist, Lawn Care, handyman, childcare, housekeeper, babysitting Services, catering whatever your skill set is. Advertise your services and products as an entrepreneur. 


Sign up to hear from us about changes, additional information, passenger and Driver's incentives and promotional events. Let us know if you're interested in membership and please let us know if you signed up for either Uber or Lyft as a New passenger or Driver and your experience. Help promote our website by copying a link to our website and texting it to your associates, friends and family.thank you.

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